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At CL Flooring, we believe that investing in skilled staff and superior equipment benefits both ourselves and the client, ensuring we can complete contracts in the shortest time possible whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

The Innovatech Terminator ride-on Floor Stripper is a superb piece of equipment which greatly increases the speed of uplifting existing floors, be they carpet, vinyl, wood or ceramic tiles. Its ability to remove most adhesive residues significantly reduces the requirement for surface preparation work, prior to screeding or laying new coverings. Our battery-powered model is one of only a few such machines in the United Kingdom.

With zero emissions, independence from the site power supply, no trailing cables and total manouevrability, we can operate the Terminator inside a wide range of premises without fuss or bother. The speed and efficiency with which it removes coatings means we now progress work much faster, allowing us to maximise the time available for installation of the new floor, showing the range of materials a Terminator will lift and the confined spaces within which it operates with easeInnovatech Terminator products are supplied in the United Kingdom and Ireland through PWM Disribution.

For more information on the Terminator please get in touch.

Terminator Floor Stripper